We are a smart sales achievement platform. Based on our advanced Machine Learning engine and gamification approach, we deliver a game-changing way to personally motivate employees and meet company's sales targets and goals

Designed for

Sales Managment

Outperform your sales pipeline by driving your inside sales team on an individual and personalized level.

Sales Teams

Boost sales, performance and revenues to new standards with each sales person according to personal style and approach, to achieve and meet company's sales targets and goals.

Contact Centers

Make sure your customers enjoy a great interaction with your contact center.

Customer Service

Strengthen customer relations and engagement by elevating your contact center's performance & productivity

Lead Generation

Motivate your lead generation team to find that perfect lead for you.

For Sales & Sales Related Teams

Balancing that sales routine of high rejection rate with daily success rate is what we do best. This in turn elevates the motivation for sales teams and enables them to meet their next challenge heads on. We do this by elevating the following daily experiences:


Success Daily

By compiling a personal cognitive profile of each employee, we understand what drives employees at all levels to achieve on a daily basis.


Active Engagement

Creating a compelling employee work experience that results in improved employee engagement, satisfaction and ultimately sales.


Greater Energy & Joy

Regain and elevate your productivity while boosting sales, performance and revenues to new standards.

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Creating the Motivation Leverage Balance

Our Enerjoy solution automatically generates individual challenges, incentives, collaborations, heads on friendly competitions and positive feedback

  • Based on personal drives, abilities and cognitive
    profile compiled by our Machine Learning engine.
  • Aligned with the corporate's targets and goals
  • Rated on our performance dash-board
  • Complemented with our rewards shopping experience where achieved points can be vouchered for your desired gifts & brands


Enerjoy Smart Management Solution

We deliver step-by-step precise tools, guidance and greater resources for today’s number one managerial challenge: How to motivate, engage, incentify and guide employees to meet quotas while maintaining a productive and appealing work environment.

Deliver Results
vs. Excuses

Drive daily achievements by integrating corporate targets and goals into employee's daily personalized challenges & tasks.

Save Time
& Resources

With Enerjoy's automatically generated & personalized motivational plan, tailored per employee, you now have the time to create the professional future you want for your organization.

Team Spirit & Enriched
Relations with Employees

Now that you've regained your time back, you can spend some quality time with your team. Bring that great team spirit and "go-get-it" approach back and strengthen the bond among team members.

Empower Employees
for Success

Retain talent and boost productivity of average performers, that amount to 80% of total workforce. Thus leveraging all employees' potential to the max!

  • Gaining Insight to Motivational Styles & Preferences

    We are all unique, and as individuals we all have our own way of achieving targets and goals. Understanding motivational styles and preferences that drive each employee is vital to achieving success.

  • Planning Motivational Targets &Tasks
    Based on Above Insights

    Once you've tapped into what driveseach employee, with just a few clicks, set personal motivation plans accordingto employees' individual style and preference.

  • Performance Monitoring Dash Board

    Monitor employees' motivational plans, provide real-time feedback and inputs.Be hands-on at all times on employees performance & productivity

  • Manage smart goal setting based on
    automatic performance feedback

    Set individual and team personalized targets and goalsCommunicate targets and goals according to participant's personal style & approachObtain insight and automatic suggestions on ideal targets and goals

  • “No Cash” Incentive Management System

    Increases program “stickiness” and participation rates with collected proprietary points that become branded “currency” to be used in multiple ways as defined by the organization.


Empower management
Improve employee
turnover rates



Amdocs is a multinational corporation headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, with support and development centers located worldwide. The company specializes in software and services for communications, media and financial services providers and digital enterprises.

Skywind Group, founded in 2012, is a well-established global pioneer of cutting-edge games content and white label support and infrastructure.

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